Schuman 2.0 Promotional video
Eric Jozsef, correspondent in Italy
for RTS and Libération
Paul Collowald, member of UEF Belgium & testimonial from the Schuman era
Eva Giovannini, journalist & RAI Correspondent
Adrián, Schuman Ambassador from Spain
Francesca, Schuman Ambassador
from Italy
Björn, Schuman Ambassador
from Luxembourg
Benjamin, Schuman Ambassador
from Malta
Cornelia, Schuman Ambassador from France
Schuman 2.0 event in Tartu (Estonia)
with Stefano Braghilori and Anna Beitane (organizers of the event), Schuman Ambassadors Mariam and Gadir and several participants (Andrei, Gianmarco, Yelizaveta, Moudah, Andranik and Emma)
Grethe, student at the University of Tartu
Martin, student at the University of Tartu
June Albalá and Victor Ciunca,
Eurochild Children Committee members
Andoni Hidalgo, expert on SDGs, Urban Agenda, EU Networking & Public Affairs
Mathilde, member of
Jeunes Européens - Lille Métropole
Toñi Caro, Head of the International Research Project Office at the University of Deusto (Bilbao)
Florian, member of
Jeunes Européens - Lille Métropole
Lise, member of
Jeunes Européens - Lille Métropole
Alessia, student at the San Raffaele University (Milan)
Sandro Gozi
MEP and President of UEF 
Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission
Charles Michel
President of the European Council
David Sassoli
President of the European Parliament
Antonio Argenziano
Secretary General of JEF Italy

Thoughts on the Schuman Declaration and the future of Europe

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From the Ambassadors' point of view...

Schuman 2.0

A new momentum for Europe

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